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HireContractor.com is an elite contractor network that automatically matches contractors in our network with projects from buyers (home/commercial property owners or managers) by local area and category. We bring people in need of construction or home improvement, remodeling, renovation services and those who are providing such services together under one roof easily.   Read More...

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Starting a new project? need help with minor repairs? or budgeting and planning for major work? Let us help you find top rated pros interested in your job for free. Submit your project/job details and get connected with local contractors.
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Now, it's easy to find local contractors in our network, check for an available time slot, schedule a one-time or recurring appointment and get confirmation through Email/SMS. Choose a promotion or discount offer and schedule a service now.

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Connect with local specialists for all your financing needs and insurance needs now.
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Are you looking for top rated pros with reviews or ratings in your local area? Its easy to search for pros by skill, category, location. Submit your review/rating and give kudos to the contractor you worked with recently.

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New Contractor Listings

  •   Taylor McGuire - Georgetown, TX
     Additions | Remodels | Renovations

  •   Elvin Clarke - Somerset, NJ
     Additions | Remodels | Renovations

  •   Mark Johnston - Los Angeles, CA
     Home Remodeling

  •   Jim Hauk - Deltona, Florida
     Additions | Remodels | Renovations

  •   Mark Sargeant - Mottram in Longdendale, AE
     Other building services

  •   Mike Minton - Brooks, KY
     Other phone services

  •   John Garces - Washington, District of Columbia

  •   Anup Roy - Balsha, Sofia-city
     Bathroom Remodeling

  •   Gary White - Pflugerville, TX
     Maid Service

  •   Alvina Hill - Addison, TX
     Home cleaning

How It Works

HireContractor.com can help buyers connect with local contractors in your area.

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HireContractor.com can help contractors connect with buyers

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Now it's easy to find and hire contractors for all your home improvement, home remodeling and home renovation projects including roofing, flooring, plumbing, home security, restoration, cleaning, decks/patios, electrical, pools, solar etc. Here are a few real projects submitted by buyers