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HireContractor.com is a contractor network that automatically matches contractors in our network with projects from buyers (home/commercial property owners or managers) by local area and category like construction, home building, home improvement, remodeling, renovation services including roofing, plumbing, flooring, landscaping, home security, water damage, HVAC, furnace, decks, patios, fence, siding, gutters etc.   Read More...

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For any major home building or home improvement, remodeling, renovation, roofing, flooring or any other work, let us help you connect with top rated pros.

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Now, it's easy to schedule a one-time or recurring appointment check for an available time slot, and get confirmation through Email/SMS.

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Are you looking for top rated pros with reviews or ratings in your local area by skill, category or location. Submit your review/rating and give kudos to the contractor you worked with recently.

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Help buyers connect with local contractors, buy services, schedule appointments and get reviews/ratings. Learn more
Contractors can connect with buyers, get appointments, leads & ratings.   
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Now it's easy to find and hire contractors for all your home improvement, home remodeling and home renovation projects including roofing, flooring, plumbing, home security, restoration, cleaning, decks/patios, electrical, pools, solar etc. Here are a few real projects submitted by buyers